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At Get Set Training we know the hardest thing to do is change peoples manual handling working habits without coming across as continually preaching, leading to the possibility of "getting peoples backs up".

Although our Back Care team training has proved successful in large organisations we also appreciate that cost implications also play a role in realistic training plans. To this end we try to keep our sessions and teaching fresh in your workforces minds with bi-monthly newsletters - including a simple competition; 20.00 M&S voucher, and opposite this a bi-monthly poster campaign encompassing elements of sessions FREE to all past and existing clients.

March 18; a reminder that we can't always get the prescribed ideal manual handling technique right; tight spaces/ awkward loads etc... but lets get it right when we can. Plus for our first aider - a little reminder of poisoning

If you would like to receive our free newsletters and posters simply email our "CONTACT US" page.

Click on the links below to see examples of past newsletters in Adobe PDF

Adobe PDF File September 17 Standard Signs for AEDs

Adobe PDF File July 17 Statistics

Adobe PDF File May 17 Deep Knee Bend

Adobe PDF File March 17 Sciatica

Adobe PDF File January 17 First Aid Ignorance

Adobe PDF File November 16 Minor burns

Adobe PDF File September 16 Make life easier

Adobe PDF File July 16 1st Aid changes

Adobe PDF File May 16 Weight Arm

Adobe PDF File March 16 Knowledge is just the first step

Adobe PDF File January 16 Repeating myself

Adobe PDF File November 15 Chain of Survival

Adobe PDF File September 15 Why might good technique fail?

Adobe PDF File July 15 In work and at home

Adobe PDF File May 15 Work around the pallet

Adobe PDF File March 15 Three points of contact

Adobe PDF File Jan 15 New Years resolution

Adobe PDF File Nov 14 Never maximise effort

Adobe PDF File Sept 14 First Aid Kit - jobs to do

Adobe PDF File July 14 FAST and TIA

Adobe PDF File May 14 Pyramid Picking

Adobe PDF File March 14 Handling Pallets

Adobe PDF File January 14 Compression

Adobe PDF File November 13 In the garden and at work

Adobe PDF File September 13 If I were a brighter man

Adobe PDF File July 13 One hand free

Adobe PDF File March 13 What gave me a bad back?

Adobe PDF File January 13 New Year resolution

Adobe PDF File November 12 Gardening with a bad back

Adobe PDF File September 12 First Aider - when's your job done?

Adobe PDF File July 12 Posture

Adobe PDF File May 12 Housemaids Knee

Adobe PDF File March 12 What Vinnie says

Adobe PDF File January 12 HSE First Aid courses

Adobe PDF File November 11 Chain of survival

Adobe PDF File September 11 We can't always get it right

Adobe PDF File July 11 Teachers - a lesson for us all

Adobe PDF File May 11 Lighten your load

Adobe PDF File March 11 Changing Attitudes

Adobe PDF File January 11 Storage

Adobe PDF File November 10 Resuscitation Changes

Adobe PDF File September 10 We only get one back

Adobe PDF File July 10 House Keeping

Adobe PDF File May 10 Agonal Breathing

Adobe PDF File March 10 First Aid Kits - Contents

Adobe PDF File January 10: Slipped disc - or prolapse

Adobe PDF File November 09: OOPPS - the back's gone again

Adobe PDF File September 09: Blood Donation - new national numbers

Adobe PDF File July 09: Back to basics - Get Set position

Adobe PDF File May 09: Compulsory 1st Aid? - all school children to be taught 1st aid

Adobe PDF File March 09: FitBack - a new alliance offering a unrivalled approach and service to back care

Adobe PDF File January 09: Stroke - reinforcing the Stroke Associations national awareness campaign

Adobe PDF File November 08: Burns - their treatment, a timely reminder

Adobe PDF File September 08: APPLE Launching our free posters

Adobe PDF File July 08: Changes to the HSE First Aid

Adobe PDF File May 08: Housekeeping - our first newsletter