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Why is it important to keep manual handling a top priority?

Whilst the credit crunch is biting large and small companies alike it is easy to see why certain activities may take a back seat for a while, and whilst our company is about the delivery of manual handling training we go much further and want to help change the mindset and habits of industry.


  Some maths:

These figures assume only 1 instance of 10 days manual handling related sick are taken though out the whole company without the other expences. Look at your sick records/ accident and near miss forms and see how we can help you. The average time taken off work with an injury caused by "handling lifting or carrying" is 9.6 days - say 2 weeks off work.

Pay (take a low wage so as not to exaggerate) 7.25/ hour x 39 hours = 282.75/ week

282.75 x 2 weeks = 565.60

This in itself is not a huge amount, add to this:
  • lost productivity
  • cost of agency staff or overtime to cover (if applicable)
  • increased likelihood of reoccurrence of back problem so future absenteeism
  • management time on sickness monitoring
  • possible phased return to duties/ light duties
  • COMPENSATION COSTS - see our Manual handling case studies

If we take the lowest amount of costs highlighted on this page and not take into account the solicitors fees (on both sides) or time taken up dealing with these issues it still reads at 4000.00. This 4565.00 alone (without the hidden costs just breezed over) will train over 220 staff.

Do the maths with the 20,000 compensation and we could train a workforce of 1000.