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About Get Set Training


Get Set Training is one of the UK’s leading providers for occupational health and safety courses, in Manual Handling and First Aid.

Established in 2007 we pride ourselves with giving our clients a refreshing approach to manual handling tailored to their needs and the requirements of every individual on our courses.

Clients rely  on us  to engage their staff and motivate them to truly consider the possible effects of poor handling techniques  on themselves, what to do whenever possible to lower the chance of injury and encourage them to highlight areas of work they feel can be improved.

All our manual handling instructors have had careers in Physical Education coupled with experience of a wide variety of industries and the associated infinite number of manual handling tasks.

This places us in a unique position of being able to call on the experience of looking at how people are using their bodies to complete the manual handling task, relate this to the very simple principles of manual handling and then coach more efficient ways should it be possible and achievable for that individual.

We ensure that all our training meets with the Health and Safety Executive recommendations and we go one step further. Through our years of experience we understand that ‘one size does NOT fit all’ and we work on an individual, case by case program to ensure your employees are receiving training that will actually help them in their day to day tasks, and in the areas they work.