We appreciate that pre-2020 accepted practices must be changed, at least for the foreseeable future.

With this in mind, we have put in place certain protocols to minimise risk, in line with industry and Government guidelines. We have added these to all course-related literature.

Our course delivery will further be tailored to ensure we are fully compliant with your company’s/site’s COVID needs. This will be done by conducting a pre-course consultation relating to:

Room size – This could affect the number of candidates on the course due to social distancing.

Hygiene – as per the host company’s requirements; adhering to sanitising/hand washing when required, as well as any equipment that may allow cross-contamination.

 PPE – we will use the host company’s PPE and as per your risk assessment of when, where and how, to ensure safe practice is adhered to at all times.

We have purchased additional equipment to further minimise non-essential contact with training aids and objects between attendees

·         Additional Resuscitation Manikins (Annies) to allow for one per candidate

·         Individual training packs to be issued to all First Aid course attendees to include gloves, bandage, triangular bandage and resuscitation face shields

·         Training aids to replicate cuts and embedded objects to practice treatment of bleeds